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Presentation & Media Training


We help you define the purpose of your presentation.  We analyze your message and your audience.  We help you craft a thoughtful and memorable speech that you will become comfortable with.

We focus on body language, speaking, non-verbal communication and fine tune the important Q & A.


How does it work?


We are experts who have been speaking professionally for decades.  We pass along to you what we've learned overtime and prepare you for your presentation.  We offer half day or full day workshops with on-camera mock presentations with immediate feedback.

We offer one on one or group sessions. We specialize in conventions and work with your group to optimize group and one on one time.




  • Organizing and formulating content

  • Delivering your message with conviction

  • Striking the right physical presence

  • Mastering voice quality

  • Eliminating nervous habits

  • Combatting filler language

  • Imparting strategies on being concise


"Changed my presentation skills and confidence to help me command a room."

  Boo Zamek

  CEO, JustAskBoo, E-Newsletter



"Taught me how to be camera ready and get results!"

  Ashley Cusak

  EWM Realty





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