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When a crisis hits you have a finite amount of time to jump into action (or decide to lay low) and make a plan.  Our team is made up of former journalists who have spent decades in newsrooms and know exactly how the press/media works and thinks.  The team who can tell you what will happen in the press depending on how situation is handled.  We advise you on what to say, how to say it and when to say it and strategize the best move for you, your company, your family or anyone who may be impacted by the crisis. 

We've worked with hotels, restaurants, banks, and many other industries that suffer and unexpected situation.  


"The team at Cynthia Demos Communications was able to tell us exactly which news outlet would pick up our story depending on what we said and they were precisely right.  The team was able to help us find our way out of a drastic situation that could have affected our third generation family business."

-Sarah R., Hotel Owner

"Our well known restaurant was swarming with media after a tragic incident with a Major League Baseball player inside our establishment.  The team at Cynthia Demos Communications showed up on the scene and beautifully handled the press and was even able to turn the negative situation into something positive for our establishment."

-Derek P., Restaurant Owner

"It felt as if the people at CDC dropped everything immediately to help us through our overwhelming situation.  The phone never rang twice when we called them.  We were able to come out great on the other side.  Thank you!"

-Marissa R, School Owner

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