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One of 5 Gulfstream Park Commercials

Hosted by: Cynthia Demos

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Before running her own media company Cynthia won multiple Emmy Awards as a news anchor/reporter.  She still works on-air and hosts/emcees various events as well.

Cynthia is the spokesperson for CBS4's Neighbors 4 Neighbors.  She hosts regular 30 minute specials throughout the year on CBS4.  She is also a regular host on South Florida's 24 hour Health Channel. 


Cynthia also hosts/emcees events in person for non-profits and private companies as well.

CBS N4N Summer Special 2018

Hosted by: Cynthia Demos 

Gulf stream Commercial (1 of 4)

Hosted by: Cynthia Demos 

 CBS4 N4N Summer Special 2016

Hosted by: Cynthia Demos 

CBS4 N4N Christmas Special 2016

Hosted by: Cynthia Demos 

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