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Cynthia Demos is a multi Emmy Award winning journalist and owner of the media company, Cynthia Demos Communications.  

We focus
 on 4 things:   
1. Video Production (online marketing videos, commercials, fundraising videos, documentaries, FPV/trick drone videos, live online shows)
CLIENTSTenet Healthcare, Berkshire-Hathaway Realty, Orange Bowl and more
2. Presentation and Media Training(teaching executives how to speak and handle the media)
CLIENTS: The Wallstreet Journal, UBS Bank, Major Cruiselines, and more
3. Crisis Management (when something goes amiss and the media is banging at your door we tell you how to handle the crisis)
CLIENTS: Major hotel and restaurant chains (list is private)
​4. On-air/Emcee Services (we have talent available for any video/commercIal/ad)
CLIENTS: CBS4, NBC6, Red Cross, University of Miami, Miami Bridge and more 
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